Something terrible happened yesterday

"More than 16000 Children have died"

Cause of death: They had nothing to eat. And why was it not reported in the news?

Because it happens every day.


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About us

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After Bosnia Herzegovina declared its independence, war broke out between Bosnians and Serbians in May 1992 and quickly spread across the country. Serbs attempted "ethnic cleansing" in the country. Young or adult many people were killed and lots of historical and cultural artifacts were destroyed as well.

The Bosnian tragedy is the largest genocide committed after the World War II. The world still remains silent against this war. However, Turkey is closely concerned with and affected by the occurrences.

A group of concerned people, who did not remain insensitive to the war, gathered and began working individually.

They protracted their efforts until the end of the war to alleviate sufferings from the war and to be a source of hope for helpless people.

This time war broke out in Chechnya while the world was still watching the savageness in Bosnia. Russian forces bombed Chechen lands and killed innocent civilians. Voluntary efforts were failing. There was a need for more organized relief works.     

These volunteers who swiftly took steps with the outbreak of the Bosnian war and continued their efforts during the Chechen war gathered in 1993 and founded the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief YURT AY DER . The basic objective was:

Wherever he or she is, distressed, victimized by war, disaster, etc, wounded, disabled, homeless and subjected to famine, oppressed, it is the YURT AY DER’s main objective to deliver humanitarian aid to all people and take necessary steps to prevent any violations against their basic rights and liberties.

Our Mission

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  • Acting with the motive of brotherhood, we aim at providing all needy and wronged people with a dignified life through extending humanitarian aid they need to spread justice and good, and to fight evil on the Earth.
  • We aim at taking any actions to fight violation of anyone’s basic liberties and human rights, and to counter any policy and practice that make people dependent on aid.
  • We aim at protection of unchanging values at the changing world.
  • We aim at perpetuation of good anytime and anywhere.

Our Vision

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  • We aim at providing relief help following wars and natural disasters to help communities resume their daily life and stand on their own feet.
  • We aim at creation of collective consciousness through leading aid works and establishing cooperation among countries and organizations worldwide.
  • We aim at strengthening leadership and institutions of communities that have been made dependent on aid.
  • We aim at reaching crisis regions in the most efficient and fastest way to minimize losses.
  • We aim at coming up with long-lasting solutions through permanent projects.
  • We aim at contributing to fighting poverty and establishing social justice.

Our Work Principles

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  • To lead in our field
  • To be a bridge between communities>
  • To arbitrate
  • To voice problem of the wronged
  • To contribute to the reconstruction of a just world free from exploitation
  • To make best use of entrustments
  • To work transparently
  • To forefront service not brand or title
  • To remain unaffiliated with politics
  • To help anyone regardless of religion, language, race and sect 

Activity Kinds and Areas

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Social Aid

  • Food Aid Programs (urgent food aid programs, Qurban programs, food aid and fast-breaking dinner organizations in Ramadan, mobile and temporary soup kitchens, foodstuff deliveries in crisis regions, etc.)
  • Orphan Care Programs (building and managing orphanage facilities, providing food, clothes, shelter as well as educational and sanitary services to the children made orphan by wars, earthquakes and other reasons, etc.)
  • Shelter and Clothing Aid Program (prefabricated villages, tent cities, rebuilding destroyed houses, restoration of damaged houses, clothing aid to needy people, etc.)
  • Vocational Training Program (donating fishery boats and motor taxis to needy families, providing trainings in farming, carpentry, tailoring, painting, embroidery, etc. and establishing woman training institutes, etc.)       
  • Drilling Water Wells and Canals

Educational Aid

  • Educational Facilities and Infrastructure Aid (building and renovation of nurseries, primary schools, high-schools, universities, institutes, youth centers; setting up and renovation of science and computer laboratories, libraries, sports halls, etc.)
  • Educational Materials Aid (delivering school bags, educational sets, school uniforms, and supplementary materials to needy students, donating essential and supplementary educational materials to school, etc)
  • Vocational Training Aid (providing vocational trainings, helping building proficiency in a job, and similar vocational education help)   

Cultural Aid

  • Supporting radio and television broadcasting
  • Building shrines and mosques

Sanitary Aid

  • Health Facilities and Infrastructure Aid (mobile clinics and medical buses, permanent hospitals and clinics, temporary tent hospitals, medication and medical equipment aid, ambulance services, etc.)
  • Health Services Aid (cataract surgeries, employment of voluntary health personnel, rehabilitation of drug addict youngsters and AIDS victims, health screenings, preventive medicine measures, etc)