Something terrible happened yesterday

"More than 16000 Children have died"

Cause of death: They had nothing to eat. And why was it not reported in the news?

Because it happens every day.


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Why should you donate

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This help reaches exactly the place where it is urgently required. To the children, who are in acute danger of being starved. It would be wonderful if we could win your cooperation for  this Project.

Help us to give these children and their families hope.

Donation through Bank Transfers

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If you wish to make a donation, you can make a direct transfer to the bank account.

TEB BANK "Türkiye Ekonomi Bankasi"
Filiale: Ankara - Kizilay - Mesrutiyet Subesi

TL (Türkische Lira) Konto Nr:54935
Iban No: TR67 0003 2000 1050 0000 0549 35

$ DOLAR Konto Nr.: 54936
IBAN : TR40 0003 2000 1050 0000 0549 36

€ EURO Konto NR.: 54937
IBAN : TR13 0003 2000 1050 0000 0549 37


While making a bank transfer, please give your title, forename and surname and write the word “donation” and the amount of donation. Please also answer the question whether or not you wish your name and amount to be publicised on the Website. Say  “yes” or “no” to the question.

Online Donations

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