Something terrible happened yesterday

"More than 16000 Children have died"

Cause of death: They had nothing to eat. And why was it not reported in the news?

Because it happens every day.


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Did you know

Postet by Kudret

  • Every 4th person in the world does not have enough to eat.
  • A child dies every 5th  second for want of nourishment
  • Every two weeks as many people lose their lives as did in Tsunami Catastrophe in 2004.
  • 300 million children suffer from malnutrition.
  • 50 % of the one-year-old children in the developing countries suffer from anaemia because o deficiency of iron.
  • One milliard children and teenagers suffer from starvation, disease or hard physical labour. (they are 45% of  the total number of children in the world).